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Little Angel Tours offers you 8 days of full board travel in the discovery of historical and typical Portuguese villages:

Rural et Traditional Tour – 8 days 
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In the North-West of Portugal, in the Beira Interieur region, the villages to visit are endless possibilities of entertainment and represent a unique historical and tourist destination. These places bear witness to past centuries. Few places offer such pleasant landscapes for rural tourism.

Days rich in emotions around new historical, gastronomic, cultural discoveries and exceptional landscapes will make you escape into another time. Here, life is emotion, the rest is history…

Guided tours will alternate with lunch breaks and tastings of the region’s local flavours (in restaurants, local markets and renowned cellars). We will appreciate the typical dishes, the pastéis de nata (Portuguese flan), the regional wine or even the Ginjia (cherry liqueur)…

An 8-day itinerary will be proposed to visit the entire region of the inland Beira with its 12 historic villages. We will see that villages such as Castelo Novo, Belmonte, Sortelha or Piodão still preserve monuments and human traces of ancestral times.

It is in the village of Castelo Novo where we feel something fascinating surrounding us and taking us. Everything inspires and captivates us: from the granite that builds the village walls with more than 800 years of history to the shapes of the houses, from the contrasts of colours to the smells of the earth and the fireplaces, from the sound of spring water to the flavours of traditional cuisine….

The village of Belmonte, crowned by the medieval castle and its strategic position, is distinguished by the beauty of its landscapes and the remains of Roman and medieval times that await to be contemplated.

Sortelha is one of the most beautiful and ancient Portuguese villages, having kept its urban and architectural features unchanged until today. The village is enclosed by a defensive ring and guarded by a dominant 13th century castle. Its visit will allow us to go back eight hundred years among the medieval tombs, next to the Manueline pillory or in front of the Renaissance church.

With difficult access, Piodão is a hidden medieval village far from the others, perched in the middle of green nature and dazzling by its architecture of stone houses and their slate tiles. These houses are arranged sequentially on the climbing terraces of the Serra Açor. In contrast to the shist colour, which gives the village an aura of mystery, there is the deep blue painted on the doors and windows.
The church of Piodão, all in white with turquoise blue outlines, stands out from the architecture of the village. It is a real marvel, both in its external and internal appearance. We will discover these small streets and its church as well as its stream beach whose rumbling can be heard anywhere in the village.

A few kilometres away, we will visit the village of Foz de Egua, a typical village that is just as charming for its original and traditional architecture as for its river swimming pool.

Depending on place availability and local conditions, the itinerary may be adapted. These changes would always be made with the same concern for quality of service and in the spirit of the original programme. 

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